All Vertek/XTC capacitors are manufactured with high grade foils and components. Voltage ratings are 100 volts for electrolytic and 250 for all poly film capacitors. All votage ratings are minimum continuous input rated.

Electrolytic Caps Electrolytic Caps
High Quality low dissipation Electrolytic capacitors specially designed for audio crossover networks. 100 Volt minimum rated in values from 1 MFDto 375 MFD. Can be bypassed with a Metallized Polyester or Metallized Polypropylene capacitor for greater sonic quality and higher power handling.
Polyester Caps Polyester Caps
Metallized Polyester foil caps are a great selection for Bandpass and High Pass crossovers. 250 Volt minimum rated and very low dissipation factor. Values from .22 MFD to 60 MFD.
Polypropylene Caps Polypropylene Caps
Metallized Polypropylene foil caps are our highest quality capacitors. Extremely low insertion loss with high sonic quality. 250 Volt minimum rated in values from 3 MFD to 100 MFD.
Stiffening Caps Stiffening Caps
D.C. line stiffening capacitors are available from .5 Farad to 2.0 Farad with and without voltage display. Voltage display models have turn on leads for displays.